This really helped me. As a psychotherapist, at some points in my long-ish life meditation has been offered and suggested and even offered in a bottle, as in an app, let's say. I have resisted. But the flow DURING the ordinary, I can so relate to.

Especially now, during the pandemic, when I have been baking more, and getting INVOLVED, in following the instructions, in becoming more and more apt, the involvement seems to be something that allows me to flow in deeper ways.

Today my husband offered to buy banana bread, so I wouldn't have to make it.

I yearned for the baking, and I feel there is something meditative in it.

You write of something I find very freeing. Thank you.

A psychotherapist, a New Yorker living between Colorado and Italy (in good times) I am passionate about the role of emotions and awareness for evolving,sanity

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