I don't much like the constant comparing of who suffered and who didn't and who really suffered. As a psychotherapist, I encounter pain of all shades, literally, and I recall anti-racist Tim Wise saying at a talk how more black people were prone to externalized violence and how more white people were prone to suicide. (this may or may not be so at the moment).

I was helped by "White Fragility" to recognize myself in the liberal defensiveness about our own racism.

At the same time I was appalled by the abuse and what I saw as thee psychopathy of Woody Allen as well as the wholesale New York (shall we add white, with the exception of then Mayor Dinkins) surrender, including the quasi eating out of the hands of Woody Allen at the time of that scandal.

It was not just family business, it was a Hollywood, in this case New York celebrity gathering much of a culture in the service of denying the dignity to a young girl and to her mother. I wrote about it here, if you'd like to take a look: https://carol-5441.medium.com/after-part-1-of-allen-v-farrow-as-a-therapist-i-felt-ashamed-d583a50dff35

A psychotherapist, a New Yorker living between Colorado and Italy (in good times) I am passionate about the role of emotions and awareness for evolving,sanity

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