A very fine piece.

I just want to add the need to highlight the issue of the years and years and years of not attending to racism and to rather, even in the phrases of Democrats--and even of Barack Obama--insisting on odes and chants of "We are better than this". That we are better than violence when we are not, that we are better than racism and racial violence, when we are not.

There is so much surprise at the violence in our streets now when it has been at the breaking point for so long.

I agree with you about consciousness here, and as a therapist no less. Even if I had subconscious racism, I have had so many chances to read and hear and study my own "white fragility" that the information is available. There can be a conscious avoidance, but that isn't the same as unconscious.

I will say that many of us have been manipulated by easy hatred and easy righteousness coming from the media that is enabling us to make things too simple.

I hope we have the patience to study the history which seems to have gone on forever. Thanks, Tim.

A psychotherapist, a New Yorker living between Colorado and Italy (in good times) I am passionate about the role of emotions and awareness for evolving,sanity

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